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                  Coral orders

                                        ... TEMPORARELY SUSPENDED!


just arrived to Portugal

                                        ... WITH COMPETITIVE PRICES!


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   It's cheaper to order here now!

   We have negociated with the transporter and ...

                             ... we lowered shipping costs in  50%!


For orders of corals, over 250€:

                                                            free shipping! 


Return and circulation pumps JEBAO !

Now, our products line includes the latest generation of JEBAO pumps for fresh ans saltwater:

The DC pumps are unsurpassed in terms of price, consumption and performance!

See details... [ here ]


Dosing pumps Johnlen !

Ideal for Balling Method and for dispensing all types of additives or foods in our tanks with great convenience:

See details ...  [ here ]


 New generation of LEDs. The first user review !

 It begins to emerge on the Internet some information and reactions to these excellent units with European design. This review, authored by Christiaan Visser , reproduced now, has no commercial proposes and leads to the some conclusions we have already achieved!

Next week will publish our commercialization prices of this unities. The prices will be attractive considering the general costs charged to the LED lighting on the market today.


Promotion of the month... not to loose!

This GHL Profilux pump is equiped with four heads and an integrated controller.

Starting today we will launch some diverse promotional offers. Be sure to check this site regularly and see the surprises we booked to you. The promotional offers that we are launching can be ordered by e-mail. Make your resevations as soon as possible. Regarding freight we apply our tables available in Shipping.


Let us surprise you...

 CORAL MATERNITY II commercialize many other products and equipments brands in addition to those already avalilable online. We mention just some of the brands that are also part of our portfolio:


If you need any prodct or equipment that can not find on our web site, please send us an e-mail or call us and be amazed!


The true power of LED lighting

We are already testing the new generation of LED lighting modules!

 This modules are equiped with high-power LED clusters, allowing  to achieve enviable results!

In addition to this information now published, in the coming weeks, we will include additional information with detailed elements of these excelent units, soon available on our web site.

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 Buy without freight costs!

Did you know that you can save freight picking up your order in the  Coral Maternity ?

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Kent Marine products now available!

The range of products offered by Coral Maternity II does not stop growing! 

From now you can also count on Kent Marine products.

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We offer corals! 
Visit Coral Maternity

and take with you, a magnificient frag...


 See corals in detail HERE!




Prducts of high purity. Comparable to the best german brands!
Check their results visiting the CORAL MATERNITY
7.98 €
7.98 €
7.98 €
7.98 €

CT Lite Smart Led 180w
557.19 €

CT Lite Smart Led 270 w
744.15 €

CT Lite Smart Led 90w
409.59 €

CT Lite Smart Led 540w
1254.60 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-10 - Sine Wave Maker 4000 L/H
95.94 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-20 - Sine Wave Maker 10.000 l/H
115.62 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-30 - Sine Wave Maker 13000 L/h
140.22 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-8000 SINE (super silent)
175.89 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-13000 SINE (super silent)
236.16 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-18000 SINE (super silent)
329.64 €

473.55 €

298.89 €

ATI SIRIUS X1 - 1 LED Module - 73 w
370.23 €

Aquaforest reef Salt - 22 kg
89.79 €

Aquaforest - Reef Salt Box- 25 kg
98.40 €

Derkroon DCE 3000
169.74 €

Derkroon DCE 5000
223.86 €

Derkroon DCE 12000
258.30 €

MACSPECT GYRE 35W Controller for GYRE 230
174.66 €

MACSPECT GYRE 60W Controller for GYRE 250
198.03 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-230 (with controller)
337.02 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-250 (with controller)
383.76 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-280 (com controlador)
511.68 €

DELTEC Titanium Grounding Probe
32.50 €

Maxspect R420R - 60w
312.42 €

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