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It's my first time in CORAL MATERNITY II, how do I register?
Register on our website is very easy! Just go to this link and follow the instructions filling the data that is requested.

I forgot my password what do I do?
If you have forgotten your password to access to your account, do not worry, just send us an e-mail and we will do reset and send you a new one.

Is it safe to buy in this website?
CORAL MATERNITY II offers all guarantees of safety. All exchanges of information with this website are encrypted by SSL encryption certificate (RapidSSL). This means that we have a secure communication system for the transmission of data to and from our users, providing the utmost confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of 13 December.
SSL is a security protocol that encodes data making it virtualy impossible to manipulate and to decipher (not being legible). This way our customers can not only navigate safely on our website, but also can keep your identity protected.

How to find a product?
You can easily find a product on our website using the following options:
  • Field of research: Existing at the top of the page allows you to search any product quickly and efficiently. Just enter a word related to that demand and will be immediately listed all the items associated with this "key", note that this option allows searching not only products but also articles and other content available on our website.
  • Products Menu: Existing on the left side of the website, list all existing products on the website, organized with regard to its nature, it is easier to find what you need. Some of the items in this menu are divided into two parts (Freshwater or Saltwater) to more easily find what you are looking.
Can I buy products that are not listed on the website?
Our online catalog contains a large number and variety of products we sell, however the scope of the products and brands we work with is too much to be able to keep the website updated with all of them, for that reason if you are looking for a product, please contact us to see if we can get what you are looking for.

How to know if a product is available in stock?
We stock the vast majority of products on our website, however due to the inputs and outputs in our warehouse we can not ensure that there are all products in stock at the time of your order, if you have urgency in acquiring a product contact us or after submitting your order you will be informed of the availability of each product.

Is my information protected?
Please see our Privacy Policy.

How to subscribe to your newsletter?
You can subscribe to our newsletter for free and easily, filling your email in the form on the right side of this website.

How to cancel my subscription to the newsletter?
Just send us an e-mail requesting the removal of your email address from our distribution list and we take care of everything.

How can I order from the CORAL MATERNITY II?
Please see Orders for details.

What payment methods are available?
Please see Orders for details.

The VAT is included in the price?
All prices quoted include VAT at the legal rate.

What are the shipping charges on my order?
Please see Shipping for details.

Can I request a delivery address different from the billing address?
The delivery address must be indicated in the ordering process. Please see Orders for details.

How do I know if my order was submitted correctly?
After submitting your order you will receive an email with all the details.

How do I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order using our contacts. If your order was already sent, you can not proceed to its cancellation.

Can I change my order?
Yes, you can change your order as long as it has not yet been sent, otherwise you can not make the change.

When will my order arrive?
We will send your order within 24-48 hours after your payment is confirmed, when all items purchased are in stock. To check the estimated time of delivery see Shipping.

Can I pick up my order at your facility?
Yes, you can pick up your order in our facilities and you don´t have to pay freight costs.

Where is my order? Can I combine a delivery time?
Please see more information on Shipping.

Coral Maternity performs installation and aquarium maintenance?
CORAL MATERNITY II provides multiple services including installation and maintenance of aquatic environments, at this stage within a limited coverage area of Lisbon, Setúbal and surroundings of both cities, however in the future we count on cooperation with partners cover the remaining regions of the country.

How is the delivery of items of large dimensions?
Deliveries of large volumes, usually palletized, have different treatment of the usual items by Express, these will be handled case by case basis depending on the type of cargo and its destination.

Will I receive an invoice of purchase?
All orders are shipped with an invoice, which is generally placed on the outside of the package.

CT Lite Smart Led 180w
557.19 €

CT Lite Smart Led 270 w
744.15 €

CT Lite Smart Led 90w
409.59 €

CT Lite Smart Led 540w
1254.60 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-10 - Sine Wave Maker 4000 L/H
95.94 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-20 - Sine Wave Maker 10.000 l/H
115.62 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-30 - Sine Wave Maker 13000 L/h
140.22 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-8000 SINE (super silent)
175.89 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-13000 SINE (super silent)
236.16 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-18000 SINE (super silent)
329.64 €

473.55 €

298.89 €

ATI SIRIUS X1 - 1 LED Module - 73 w
370.23 €

Aquaforest reef Salt - 22 kg
89.79 €

Aquaforest - Reef Salt Box- 25 kg
98.40 €

Derkroon DCE 3000
169.74 €

Derkroon DCE 5000
223.86 €

Derkroon DCE 12000
258.30 €

MACSPECT GYRE 35W Controller for GYRE 230
174.66 €

MACSPECT GYRE 60W Controller for GYRE 250
198.03 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-230 (with controller)
337.02 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-250 (with controller)
383.76 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-280 (com controlador)
511.68 €

DELTEC Titanium Grounding Probe
32.50 €

Maxspect R420R - 60w
312.42 €

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