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CORAL MATERNITY II reserves the right to modify the prices of products and services offered through this web site at any time unilaterally, however ensures clients the price constant at the time the order is paid.

If any of the prices quoted to be incorrect or is manifestly ridiculous, regardless of its cause (bug computer, loading error, technical error, etc..), The order will be canceled, even if it has already been confirmed.

All prices quoted include VAT at the legal rate. Delivery fees are payable by the customer and are billed at the end of the order, depending on the product selected, it should be noted that in some cases the shipping costs can be included in value and when so that information will be mentioned in the product detail.


The information contained in the detail of each product, whether dimensions, descriptions and technical details are provided by the manufacturers, CORAL MATERNITY II disclaims all liability as to the validity of the content of the same, however we do our best to make these elements are consistent.


CORAL MATERNITY II makes available various payment methods so you can choose the one that best fits your needs:
  • Bank Transfer
Payment by bank transfer must be made in advance to the bank account indicated in our contacts, the total amount to pay is in the order sent by email (This detail can also be found by accessing the client area).
We will send your order only after payment confirmation in our bank account.
Please note that some banks may take 1 to 2 days to credit the amount in our bank account, in the case of a banking institution different from ours!

Orders that are not paid will be canceled 7 days after order confirmation.
  • Cash deposit
Payment by cash deposit should be made in advance to the bank account indicated in our contacts, the total amount to pay is sent in order by email (This detail can also be found by accessing the client area).

The order will be sent only after payment confirmation in our bank account.

Note: Deposits must be made exclusively in cash, not being accepted any kind of deposit (check or other ...).

  • Paypal / Credit Card
PayPal is an electronic payment service used in the Internet and allows you to pay for your order so convenient, fast and safe.

Your bank details or credit card will only be stored on PayPal, which makes PayPal payments even safer. The payments are carried out with just two clicks. Not have to write on every purchase data from your credit card! And being the communication between the website and Paypal server encrypted via SSL, makes your transactions completely safe.

PayPal is completely free for buyers. To a client establish a PayPal account, will have no cost associated, you can shop in stores or execute online transfers, the funds being taken from the credit card or bank account associated. PayPal does not charge buyers only charges fees to sellers at a rate between 1.9% and 2.9%.

We will send the order within 24-48 hours after your payment be made when all items purchased that are in stock.

CT Lite Smart Led 180w
557.19 €

CT Lite Smart Led 270 w
744.15 €

CT Lite Smart Led 90w
409.59 €

CT Lite Smart Led 540w
1254.60 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-10 - Sine Wave Maker 4000 L/H
95.94 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-20 - Sine Wave Maker 10.000 l/H
115.62 €

JEBAO/JECOD SLW-30 - Sine Wave Maker 13000 L/h
140.22 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-8000 SINE (super silent)
175.89 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-13000 SINE (super silent)
236.16 €

JEBAO/JECOD DCP-18000 SINE (super silent)
329.64 €

473.55 €

298.89 €

ATI SIRIUS X1 - 1 LED Module - 73 w
370.23 €

Aquaforest reef Salt - 22 kg
89.79 €

Aquaforest - Reef Salt Box- 25 kg
98.40 €

Derkroon DCE 3000
169.74 €

Derkroon DCE 5000
223.86 €

Derkroon DCE 12000
258.30 €

MACSPECT GYRE 35W Controller for GYRE 230
174.66 €

MACSPECT GYRE 60W Controller for GYRE 250
198.03 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-230 (with controller)
337.02 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-250 (with controller)
383.76 €

MAXPECT Gyre XFB-280 (com controlador)
511.68 €

DELTEC Titanium Grounding Probe
32.50 €

Maxspect R420R - 60w
312.42 €

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