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This Web page CORAL MATERNITY II is designed to work as a platform to support and launch of the new coral farm CORAL MATERNITY II.
The amount for the implementation of CORAL MATERNITY II will be obtained through the activities in this web site.
Thus was created the Fund for the construction of CORAL MATERNITY II, to which will be channeled to a percentage of 30% of the money collected here. The remaining 70% will be destined to be reinvested on this site.
When you purchase products or services provided here you are contributing to the realization of this project.



The different stages of development CORAL MATERNITY II, as well as news and initiatives that may occur, can be followed on the topic that will be created on Reef Central Online Community and national forums, similar to what happened with the Coral Maternity in Portugal.


All that we can do to promote the production of coral culture, bred in captivity or in the wild, for the sake of the hobby sustainability and preservation of reefs, will always not be so much.

We will give priority to all corals in surpluses that will be provided by Coral Maternity. We recall that this farm produces corals in captivity for more than six years, just for love of the hobby!

We will support other equally coral farms and foreign. Those who engaged in the retail sale of wild corals, as a way to monetize sales, do not count on our cooperation.

We intend to provide corals culture obtained in the natural environment, ie on neighboring farms located in areas of coral reefs. It is worth remembering that in this type of farms, most motherboards come from colonies of coral rubble caused by local storms and hurricanes becoming more frequent in these zonation. This will be our contribution to stimulate this type of farms that, besides creating jobs and helping local economies, participate in the protection and renewal of coral reefs. 

Wild corals have no place in this Web page.


This Web page CORAL MATERNITY II and the associated CORAL MATERNITY II farm, will be managed by Machado de Sousa and Ricardo Pimenta, two longtime friends and aquarium enthusiasts in Portugal.

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